As the time goes by, Tamugo as solution for guest management in an event has been maximally implementing its functionality in handling the events for the last 1,5 years. by partnering with many tiers, specifically event and wedding organizers, Tamugo has been successfully demonstrating its existence by giving big solution through the existing features.

started by the regular wedding parties to the exclusive ones which attended by political elites of the country and also the corporate gatherings made by reputable multinational companies have utilized the features of the app made by the  youth group originally from Surakarta or known as Solo city in Central Java.

By seeing the potential of the solution platform, certainly the developer company wants to expand the marketing in international stage which previously only in Indonesian market. Therefore, by the end of the 2018, the developer company, PT Appsintune Mitrajaya as the representative company of the main one, Estuario Pt.Ltd based in Singapore, will extend its market to international by changing the name from Tamugo into LokaPass.